“Alix is a joy to commission and her copy is a joy to read. Her pieces arrive bang on time, always to length – and invariably far better than the original brief. Her writing is funny, clever and insightful and always well-researched. She is permanently enthusiastic, unfazed by difficult interview subjects and rapid overnight files, and equally at home writing on an extraordinary range of topics, from fitness and fashion to travel and tech. A dream.”

Lucy Hunter Johnston, Executive Editor, Features, The Evening Standard

“Alix has been a regular contributor to Sky for two years is a *dream* to work with. A real professional, she can speak with ease on a wide range of current affairs subjects, from Hollywood sexism to the Westminster sex scandal, Brexit and all things Beyonce. I have her on speed-dial!”

Oli Foster, Interviews Producer, Sky News

“Whether it’s finding challenging case studies, writing a well-researched feature or turning a dry subject into engaging and witty copy – Alix delivers every time, on time”

Lucy Bulmer, Director, Commercial Creative Content, Bridge Studio (News UK)

“I’ve been commissioning Alix for over two years. She’s become one of my go-to regulars because she supplies endlessly engaging ideas and once commissioned, can be relied on to deliver quality, thoroughly researched and eloquently written copy, on time. Just what you want from a freelancer.”

– Andrea Thompson, Deputy Editor, Marie Claire

“Alix’s copy is unfailingly sparky and full of personality. She can turn even the dullest subject matter into something brilliant. I’ve commissioned her for various publications over the years and she always meets the brief, the deadline and tailors features beautifully to the particular publication’s house style.”

– Laura Powell, Commissioning Editor, The Telegraph

“I’ve worked on magazines for thirty years, as well as editing them, and of all the freelancers I’ve encountered, Alix is up there in my top ten, not just because of her talent, but because of the positivity she brings to each piece of work. Editors want writers who ‘get’ their readers, and Alix has a deep understanding of what makes Marie Claire readers tick, what concerns them and what they want to read about next. (She has an intuition for identifying The Next Big Thing when it comes to pitching ideas.) She is exceptional in that she always goes beyond the call of duty to get exactly what’s needed for a story.”

– Eleni Kyriacou, Acting Associate Features Editor, Marie Claire

“When commissioning Alix, I’m always confident that means an engaging idea, delivered on time and with flair. She’s a versatile and thoughtful freelancer – a pleasure to work with.”

– Claire Cohen, Editor, Telegraph Women

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